Todd Cunningham

  • Todd Cunningham Facilitates Energy HealingEnergy Work 101
  • He’s an Author—Energy Work 101
  • He Instructs Workshops
  • He Guides People to Become More Conscious
  • And He’s The Director of Universal Flow

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About Todd Cunningham

Todd helps you discover and heal your connection with your higher source so you can tangibly experience more of yourself and create your happy and healthy lifestyle.

Todd uses his abilities of sensing human energy fields and physical patterns as a mirror to help you become more conscious, learn to heal yourself, and function more efficiently. He describes himself as a guide who helps people become more aware of themselves and their higher consciousness.


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He’s the director of Universal Flow and has developed grounding and energy healing techniques and workshops designed to help you  align your higher self and higher conscious awareness with your every day life.

Todd Cunningham’s Energy Healing Techniques include:

  1. “Grounding and Personal Awareness”
  2. “Energetic Mirroring”
  3. “Conscious Language”
  4. “River of Life Therapy”

Todd instructs Workshops including:

  1. “An Introduction to Energy Healing”
  2. “Grounding and Personal Awareness”
  3. “Energy Work 101—Experiential Training Sessions”

And Todd Cunningham is the author of Energy Work 101

Energy Work 101
Energy Work 101 is a personal manual with 10 exercises to help you become more conscious, aware and able to communicate with your higher source.        Buy it Now

Todd Cunningham White Water RaftingHe’s an outdoor enthusiast with 30 years of white water river guiding and professional  skiing experience. Todd considers “The River” to be a window through which you can experience the universe and all that is.

Todd graduated from Saint Lawrence University with a BS in physics. He has a diploma in massage therapy and related healing arts from Dr. Jay Scherer’s Academy of Natural Healing. He’s certified in CranioSacral Therapy I & II and Somatic Emotional Release by the Upledger Institute. Todd has studied body electronics, aromatherapy, and chakra balancing and has been fortunate to experience some traditional Native American ways of life.

Most importantly Todd’s so empathic that, in his words, he feels things so loudly that he sees them. He can see your higher source energy fields and where they are in relation to your physical body. All of his techniques, he designed for himself, to help balance and maintain his energy and boundaries while learning to become more conscious and aware and align with his higher-self. Now, he’s guiding other people to learn to heal and balance themselves.

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