Rachel Ann

Rachel uses intuitive communication to promote self healing and self fulfillment.Rachel Ann

Intuitive communication involves opening to the resources of universal energies, your higher self included, bringing to your attention messages that will help you move forward in a positive and evolutionary manner.

Ultimately the goal is to help you see who you really are. Being and seeing who we truly are shows us how to honestly, genuinely connect with opportunity all around us.

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Rachel uses techniques like energy work, shamanic practices, yoga and aroma therapy. She receives messages and transmissions, from your higher self, universal energy, loved ones and other conscious beings who are trying to convey information to you. These communications are always about revealing your true potential, the true you, helping you find your strengths and gifts promoting the inner peace that we all desire.

Rachel’s intention is to help others help themselves

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Rachel wishes for each of us to find inner peace. She believes peace is found through love, but not just love,

unconditional love, and even more importantly the unconditional love of our self. This is available within each of us within our hearts, and can be a great source of fulfillment. Rachel strongly believes, that if she can help just one person help themselves and that one person shares with another and then they the same and on and on, inner peace will continue to spread.

“For years there was a strength trapped within me. I knew I had it and I knew that I could use it for good. I couldn’t attain it. I searched all over and held onto all kinds of external effects trying to find me. It was only when I was truly able to go within instead of looking outside that I started to feel whole again. We have been taught all of our lives to reach outside of ourselves when all we need is inside of us all along. The truth of each of us lies within. In finding our truth, our self, our love, we can begin to live a life of wholeness and fulfillment.” –Rachel Ann

Intuitive communication involves connecting you with your universal frequencies.

Rachel will help you become more aware of your higher sources which are trying to align you and move you forward on your positive and evolutionary path.

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