A Cosmic Soul Traveler’s Resume

Life takes us in strange directions and shows us many blessings and opportunities disguised as mishaps or pain.

When college began for me I was diligent, focused, and ready to enter the business world. I was ready to find something that could make me money and carry me forward to a successful career. Meanwhile training for the US Aerial development team was looking good and sure to send me to “success”.

At 18 after a 3.5 GPA first semester, and scoring high in the top 15 at US Nationals 3 years in a row against past Olympians and members of 5 national teams around the world, something hit me from the center of my being showing me the amazing healing potentials of a human being. Letting go was my biggest lesson. The perceived “Pain” of not competing or succeeding,like my fellow classmates were, was the hardest thing to let go. Hard only until the realization of my potential to being in service to spirit, rather than to personal gain. Balance quickly came and on I went with my curiosity to learn the potentials of my self.

After talking to shamans around the country I realized what I had been doing was “energy healing”.

These feelings in my feet and hands continued to light up and I began learning Reiki from several master practitioners, and was “attuned” to level one immediately. Learning how to better direct energy without personal influence and just “running the energy” became more natural by the day so I continued looking into other modalities of healing. A specific shamanic intensive was available to me on sacred lands in Idaho and I was “attuned” to the 9 rights of the Munay Ki, a shamanic practice translating to “the energy of love”.

After leaving college early I began searching for more and more of this magical world, running into Lumerian Priestess’s, oracles, healers, medicine people, shamans, artists, and more, but my favorite communion came with crystals. I had collected rocks crystals and gems my whole life! I should have known!

Needless to say, the healing practice slowly began inviting different stones and crystals into it, first on me, then with others. After a couple years with Reiki 1 and 2 I was invited to get my “Master Reiki” certification. A little hesitant at first, I said okay and have been working with it on myself and others almost every day. Other trainings and modalities of healing have been presented and offered to me, some of which I am certified in, and some of which I practice on my own.

Any healing can be done from anywhere, even one side of the world to the other.

Energy comes from a great source that we are all connected to within, and without. The ancient people understood our inner connection and I am ever so grateful to be here in service to this higher source and to bring those teachings back to now.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to take this long journey to the next step, becoming professional, so that my inner world and energetic life move into balance with my physical workspace.

This is what I have trained for, and live for. We have to be balanced as beings, and working doing something I love is not only good for me but everyone around; and the chain of light will continue to brighten.

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